Kick-Off Event

Kick-Off Event for
Fletcher High School Student-Led Environmental Website

Monday, May 28, 2018 (Memorial Day) —3-5pm

The Courtyard at 200 First Street (Neptune Beach, FL 32266)

A free community event with educational speakers, games & crafts and more

Sea dunes are crucial to coastal ecosystems, creating a barrier to prevent land-based objects from entering the ocean, plus keeping coastal waters from flooding during storms.

    Since 2005, Fletcher High School Marine Science Club members have planted thousands of sea oats in Duval County beach communities to strengthen our beaches dune system. Fletcher students have also collected trash (mainly plastics) from the beach and dunes. These efforts have strengthened our dune ecosystem, and helped our dunes withstand major challenges, including Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and Hurricane Irma in 2017.

    Our Beach communities attract visitors from around the world. Most visitors and residents are respectful of our natural ecosystem, but sometimes dunes are damaged by beachgoers who don’t realize sea oats are extremely fragile and it takes very little effort to damage or destroy them. As heavy-traffic summer holidays and a new hurricane season approaches, we would like this message to reach more people.

    Duval Dunes is a partnership between the Fletcher High Marine Science Club and the Public Trust to educate our beaches community and visitors on the importance of protecting our dunes and keep our dunes healthy for future generations.

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